Long-term care

With the high cost of healthcare and the fact that more people are living longer in retirement, there is increasing interest in long-term care insurance. Scarce government funds and changing demographics make the need for long-term care planning more critical than ever. For example, an extended stay in a nursing home could disrupt your long-term retirement and legacy plans. Generally, long-term care insurance is ideal for those individuals who:

  • Have assets and income they want to protect
  • Want to avoid burdening their family with extensive care-giving responsibilities
  • Don’t want to depend on government programs for care
  • Want to be able to choose where they receive care
  • Want assurances that they will receive high-quality care and have the option to receive care at home


Our advisors can help you make decisions that are appropriate for your circumstances. They are familiar with both traditional long-term care policies and the newer life insurance policies that contain a long-term care rider. Our advisors will tailor a plan that efficiently balances your assets with specific levels of long-term care insurance.

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