Plan for retirement

“Will we have enough money to last through our retirement?” That’s the key question for most people, even those with significant incomes. Because what’s “enough” depends quite a bit on your specific needs, health, and lifestyle goals. At Winslow, we start by asking you to think through how you want to spend your retirement. Travel? A vacation home? Or something more modest? From there, we have the expertise and resources to help you with everything from specific investments to full financial planning, including insurance, legacy, and more. As unique as each retirement is, following are just a few of the typical questions people ask around key financial decisions—what are yours?

Key financial questions
The wealth-accumulating years:

  • What’s the best way for us accumulate wealth over time?
  • Should we put money in a college saving plan or set it aside for our retirement?
  • Should we invest our savings or eliminate debt?
  • We need to save more. How can we make the most of tax-advantaged retirement savings as we near retirement?
  • Is our healthcare plan adequate for our retirement?
  • What if one of us gets sick? Do we need long-term care insurance?
  • What is the best age for us to start drawing Social Security?


 During retirement:

  • Where should we pull our income? From our IRAs? Our brokerage accounts?
  • What’s the right asset allocation for us now?
  • We want to leave a legacy. When is the right time to pass on our gift? What is the most tax-efficient way?


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What approach is right for me? 
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