What approach is right for me?

Which type of investment professional is best suited to my needs?
Our professionals offer a broad spectrum of expertise, from outstanding equity and fixed-income specialists to personal financial planners. As for choosing the right kind of investment professional, consider how much guidance you would like to receive. Winslow’s investment professionals fall into three general categories:

  • Brokers – If you know which investments (fixed income, stocks, mutual funds, etc.) you want to make these specialized professionals will help you evaluate your choices, offer alternatives and will execute your transactions. Compensation: based upon a transactional cost structure. Learn more 
  • Financial Planners – Planners take a holistic view of your finances and life plans. In addition to advising you about investments, they also provide guidance for your complete financial picture, including insurance considerations, saving for retirement, college, legacy, and more. Winslow financial planners are independently credentialed Certified Financial Planning™ professionals. Compensation: generally fee-based, set per plan or year, or percentage based. Learn more
  • Investment Advisors – If you’d like comprehensive advice about investments, our specialized professionals will learn your needs, recommend a balanced plan, and oversee implementation through Winslow, Evans & Crocker, Inc. Compensation: managed (fee-based) cost structure. Learn more


Connecting to the best financial choices for you
When you work with Winslow, one of our financial consultants will become your primary contact. This consultant will offer creative ideas and identify opportunities to help you protect your interests and manage your assets for growth, income, or preservation of capital. In addition, your consultant will connect you with an appropriate internal specialist, each of whom is finely attuned to investment strategies and market conditions.

Choosing a financial professional and firm 

Getting started