Spotlight on Winslow

From mountaintops to marathons and classrooms to charitable events, people at Winslow are engaged in their communities. “Spotlight on Winslow” highlights the stories of Winslow’s work (and play) outside of the office.

Barnes McNevin, Senior Vice President

As an active member of The Harmon Foundation, a family foundation, Barnes invests his time and efforts helping others.

The Harmon Foundation was established in 1922 by real estate developer and philanthropist William E. Harmon to support students, early motion pictures, and African-American art and literature. In 1928, the Harmon Foundation sponsored the first exhibition of works created exclusively by African-American artists.

Today, Barnes and over forty other foundation members gather annually to identify the needs of various charitable groups and determine how the foundation can help sustain their efforts.

“We tend to focus on supporting smaller local charities and non-profits, everything from food pantries to the arts,” says Barnes. “It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to work with organizations that do spectacular things for people.”

Spotlight Archives:

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