Account resources

The resources below are provided for your convenience. As always, we encourage you to contact us at (617) 896-3500 with any questions about your account. We’re here to help.

Check deposit instructions
All checks should be made payable to “Pershing, LLC” and mailed to:

Winslow, Evans &  Crocker
175 Federal Street, 6th floor
Boston, MA 02110

Please remember to write your Winslow account number in the memo field.

Self-service forms

Beneficiary change form

E-Delivery of statements and confirmations (Online account access)
Going paperless is safe, secure and convenient. You can access your brokerage account statements and trade confirmations through a password-protected account. Make the move to paperless today by completing and returning the form below. Contact your investment professional for more information.

E-Delivery and User ID form

Tax information

Client Tax Center