The Winslow philosophy


Do the right thing. It’s a simple philosophy, but doing the right thing by our customers not only feels good—which it does—but it is simply the best choice for our business. At Winslow, Evans & Crocker we’re in it for the long run, so we adhere to these core guidelines:

  • Always maintain a customer-first mentality.
  • Hire and reward outstanding employees and partners, including selectively offering employee ownership.
  • Maintain a clear, process-based investment strategy to achieve long-term goals.


For example, when you call Winslow, a professional will answer the phone to guide you in the right direction. And you’ll find that while our team members adhere to the industry’s best practices, they also think independently and objectively.

Our corporate culture is approachable, but direct. We ask lots of questions and take the time to learn your concerns, goals, and risk tolerances. In our experience, good conversations are just as important as our more formal information-gathering tools. Our individual and institutional customers have come to rely upon us for advice, integrity, trading services as well as excellence in execution.

Do the right thing—we built our business upon this simple premise. If this sounds right to you, let’s talk.

Robert and Tina Maloney